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We make every attempt to simplify the support of FeatureXTract™ throughout the user’s experience. Here, we’ve provided access to various downloads, questions, and ideas for troubleshooting. Hopefully, this collection will provide adequate support; but if you require additional information, please contact our office as needed.

> 1-800 HELP Line

> Toll Free: 888-860-IAVO (4286)
> (Direct: 919.433.2400)



> FeatureXTract Application

Non-US Government (Commercial [COTS] version)

FeatureXTract is a commercial product available for sale. Please contact our Sales Department for download information at:

Note: The COTS version requires an active license.


US Government (US Government [GOTS] version)

FeatureXTract was developed under contract with the U.S. Government. Accordingly, GOTS (Government-off-the-shelf) versions are available for U.S. Government users.

There is no cost for the GOTS software.

The current FeatureXTract GOTS version number is v.3.0. To check the version number of any existing FeatureXTract installed on your system:

  • Launch IApioneer, select Help > About in the upper right corner of the menu; and
  • IApioneer's (and hence FeatureXTract's) current version number will be readily displayed in the dialog box.

For more information on GOTS distribution/download, contact our sales desk:

  • Email, or
  • Call (toll-free): 888-860-IAVO (4286).

> Manual

The following GOTS manuals and related help files (note: FeatureXTract is a module integrated with IApioneer) are offered as:

> Updates

The current FeatureXTract version number proceed as follows:

  • COTS:
    • Current version is v.3.1
    • To check your version number, launch 3D FeatureXtract, select Help > About in the upper right corner of the menu; and the current version will be displayed in the dialog box.
  • GOTS:
    • Current version is v.3.0
    • To check your version number launch IApioneer, select Help > About in the upper right corner of the menu; and IApioneer's (and hence FeatureXTract's) current version number will be readily displayed in the dialog box.

For more information on access to updated FeatureXTract versions, contact our sales desk:

  • email or
  • call (toll-free): 888-860-IAVO (4286).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

> FeatureXTract Installation (A)

Question 1A: How are FeatureXTract and IApioneer related?

Answer 1A: FeatureXTract is the extraction and 3-D modeling GOTS module of IApioneer. By leveraging the powerful underlying architecture of IApioneer, FeatureXTract users gain access to a variety of data formats and exportation capabilities as well as a wealth of preprocessing tools. Thus, IApioneer runs behind FeatureXTract. The COTS version of FeatureXTract is a standalone applicatio).


Question 2A: Is there a special installation procedure for FeatureXTract?

Answer 2A: The software uses the standard application install wizard for Windows-based applications. Simply following the default prompts (and DO NOT change the install location from the default).


Question 3A: I downloaded and installed FeatureXTract, what else do I need to get started?

Answer 3A: In order to use COTS version of FeatureXTract, you'll need an activation code (e.g., a license), linking your version of the software to your computer. Once you have the code, select Help > About in the upper right corner of the menu. In the About window, select "Licensing" and input your activation code.

To obtain your code contact the following:

The GOTS version does not require a license.


> Use and Functions (B)

Question 1B: Can I use commercial satellite imagery to model with FeatureXTract?

Answer 1B: Yes. You may easily and readily model using a variety of satellite imagery including Quickbird, Ikonos, GeoEye, and WorldView.


Question 2B: How easily can I ingest and export formats from other geospatial systems?

Answer 2B: You can easily ingest and export geospatial data in a variety of formats that are compatible with other geospatial systems. Please reference our supported formats list to verify the specific format in which you are interested. If you need further information on specific formats not listed, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you further.


Question 3B: Do I need any special equipment for FeatureXTract?

Answer 3B: You do not need any special equipment to run FeatureXTract. Please reference our system requirements list for minimum and recommended system specifications.


Question 4B: I have some unique requirements. What is the best way to request that these get included in future FeatureXTract releases?

Answer 4B: We continue to add capabilities to FeatureXTract and are actively seeking new requirements from our current and potential users. If you have specific requirements, please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss your needs and identify avenues for including capabilities to meet your requirements.


Question 5B: How easy is it to output the results from FeatureXTract?

Answer 5B: Easy. FeatureXTract contains a 3-D viewer to examine the generated models. You can also export the 3-D models to a number of common formats, including: Shapefile, OpenFlight, Collada, and KML files suitable for ingestion in Google Earth.


Question 6B: What kinds of shapes can FeatureXTract handle?

Answer 6B: The following can be modeled using FeatureXTract:

  • Points
  • Polylines
  • Polygons
  • Boxes
  • Right angles
  • Extrusion to DEM
  • Loft polygons and points to form pyramids, cones, and other projected shapes
  • Automatically generated roof styles from simple gutter lines
    pitched roofs, cylindrical (barracks-style) roofs, domes, and many others


> FeatureXTract Troubleshooting (C)

Question 1C: What if I can't see data in the FeatureXTract Workspaces?

Answer 1C: First ensure your graphics card meets the minimum/recommended system configuration. If not, you will need to purchase a suitable graphics card. If so, you will need to ensure your graphics card drivers are up to date.


Question 2C: My computer lost power while I was installing FeatureXTract and shutdown, and I'm concerned that the application didn't install correctly. What should I do?

Answer 2C: First, attempt to uninstall any previous versions of FeatureXTract from your machine. Then you may install FeatureXTract. There is no need to reboot the machine prior to the new installation.


1-800 HELP Line

> The following phone numbers are available for support and user licensing/activation

  • 1-888-860-IAVO (4286)
  • 919-433-2400


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