An all-in-one efficient complex feature extraction and 3-D modeling system

FeatureXTract™ is an all-in-one complex feature extraction and 3-D modeling software system developed with the defined objective of improving the process workflow experience. Its purpose is to maximize the efficiency of modeling by providing accurate and easy-to-use precise software tools. Through its tight integration with geo parameters and standards, FeatureXTract allows users to explore, discover, and accurately reference 3-D spatial content in their data and truly forge ahead with advanced modeling tools.

FeatureXTract is available as a standalone COTS application or in fully integrated GOTS form as part of IApioneer.

Core functional groups

> Simplified 3-D Modeling


Using FeatureXTract, you perform 3-D modeling with multiple overlapping images, using simple controls to create complex shapes and facilities.

3-D models are created with:

  • Side-by-side imagery
  • Manual shape creation tools
    • Points
    • Polylines
    • Polygons
    • Boxes
    • Right angle tools
  • Wizards for complex geometry
  • Extrusion to DEM or similar surface data
  • Simple tools for editing the 3-D models


> Handles Complex Geometries


FeatureXTract has a number of tools to simplify the modeling process for certain complex geometries:

  • Loft polygons and points to form pyramids, cones, and other projected shapes
  • Automatically generated roof styles from simple gutter lines
    • Pitched roofs
    • Cylindrical (barracks-style) roofs
    • Gable roofs
    • Gambrel roofs
    • Saltbox roofs
    • Hipped roofs
    • Parapet roofs
    • Mansard roofs
    • Pyramid roofs
    • Barrel vaults
    • Pointed vaults
    • Walls
    • Domes
    • Others

> Common Format Viewing/Exporting

FeatureXTract contains a 3-D viewer to examine the generated models. You can also export the 3-D model to a number of common formats, including:

  • Shapefile
  • OpenFlight
  • Collada
  • KML files suitable for ingestion in Google Earth

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